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Hotel Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa
Hotel Marinduque - Hotel Philippines

Barangay - Tungib - Lipata, Municipality of Buenavista
Province of Marinduque

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Luxury hotel description
Discerning travellers in search of their next unexplored destination need to look no further than the Philippine Islands. With its white Santorini-inspired architecture on rolling terrain contrasted with the azure blue of the sky above and the clear water below, Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa offers a fantastic experience unlike any other place in the Philippines and across South-East Asia. Located between the southeastern portion of Luzon and Mindoro islands, Marinduque is flanked from four sides: North, South, Northeast and Southwest by the Tayabas Bay, Sibuyan Sea, Mompoy Bay and Tayabas Strait, respectively. Bellarocca Island is situated off the south west coast of the Marinduque province. Characterized by seaside cliffs, valleys, hills and sparsely dotted plains across this heart-shaped region, therein lies even more impressively hot springs, waterfalls and underwater flora and fauna.

Hotel Rooms, Junior Suites, Suites: Our accommodations are arranged to offer elegance and luxurious comfort with a touch of a home-like essence. Hardwood floors, a balcony equipped with table and chairs should you wish to enjoy the weather and sights outside, and a spacious bathroom complete with a tub enticing you to take a dip and perhaps never leave. Lounge on a bed that is more than generously fitted with soft sheets and a down comforter. Or perhaps lay against the couch, access your own entertainment system that icludes a Plasma TV with a complete DVD player and stereo system, not to mention satellite cable TV. If music is more like your style, iPod dock and speakers are readily available.

Casas: Itís akin to being in the suburbs. Set aside the fact that it is situated in the middle of an island that provides you with the peace and quiet one would not easily find in a typical suburb found in cities. We have 1-. 2- and 3-bedroom Casas (scheduled to open late 2010) that are sure to further enhance your sense of belonging and settling in. The 2- and 3-bedroom Casas can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 and 6 adults, respectively.

Terrazas: With time on your hands to sit back and enjoy your stay, our Terrazas offer an outstanding view adjoined to your chosen accommodation. Because of its location along the ridges of the island, the Terrazas and the elevation if provides, offer the best uninterrupted views of Mt Malindig. Kick back and relax, take a deep breath and perhaps even gather your family or friends outside as well. Foregoing being cooped up in your room should you wish to skip on the rest of Bellaroccaís other exciting activities and amenities, the outdoors reserved for you and your friends is yours to do as you please. All Terrazas offer 2 bedrooms.

Garden and Cliff Villas: We guarantee that you will be enticed to stay longer after experiencing all that Bellarocca has to offer. If and when you do, we suggest taking up residence in our Garden and Cliff Villas. With 1- and 2-bedroom villas, take your pick from having a view of the nearby mountainside and seemingly endless clear blue skies and emerald waters, or perhaps a sight that overlooks the rest of the Islandóas if all that stands between the skies and the wonderful lush greenery below is just you. With its quaint decor and lovely furnishings, equipped and stocked and made ready for you, our guests staying at the Villas experience the best amongst the accommodations at Bellarocca: Infinity pool, Outdoor Jacuzzi / Whirlpool, exterior lounge area / sundeck and individually-controlled air-conditioning.

And for ladies and gentlemen alike who have taken the classic and for some, even an enjoyable habit at that of cigar, we have the room just for you. The Cigar Bar, tastefully done and decorated, itís like being drawn back to the olden days where every room has its purpose and for every purpose there is a room. No matter the age, whether you come alone or come in droves, Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa is ready and able to guarantee that you make the most out of your stay with us. Come and see what we have planned, tailored specially even for the most laid back individual, to the most active and thrill-seeker of them all.

For families with children ranging from infants/toddlers to teenagers, we offer services ranging from baby-sitting by trained employees, sports/arts and crafts/environmental lessons to special themed dinners, parties/discos as well as excursions or educational tours. The resort also has a fully equipped gym and fitness center that should satisfy those who crave for a good workout, no matter if itís a vacation or not. Seeing as it is a known fact that swimming engages good and vital muscle work-out, Bellarocca even offers different pools to choose from.

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